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Hello colleague!


If you like my website and the materials that I post here, support the project in any convenient way.


Option # 1. Donation. Choose the amount that is comfortable for you and click on the appropriate button below:


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Option # 2. Shopping. Some of the materials on the site are for sale, and you can support the project by purchasing any lesson plan, worksheet or any material from the online shop.

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How your donation will be spent:
  • Website maintenance — hosting and domain name must be paid annually, like utility bills.
  • Free materials on the site — free lesson plans, worksheets and questions for conversation clubs in English.
  • Professional development courses — the more I know, the better my lesson plans will be, and the more useful things I will write on the blog.
  • Textbooks and books on methodology — I like to buy paper books on methodology and textbooks. Firstly, they are convenient to read, and secondly, such a purchase supports the author.
  • Coffee is the key to working capacity and good mood 🙂



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