War — ESL/EFL conversation questions


Discussion questions for a War speaking lesson. Питання для обговорення англійською мовою на тему війни. Ключова лексика по темі виділена жирным шрифтом.


Додатково: Що насправди відбувається в Україні / What is really happening in Ukraine 


Discuss the questions:

  1. What is war?
  2. What places in the world are at war right now? Why is there fighting there?
  3. Where in the world do you think the next major conflict will be?
  4. What do you think about the use of manless drones to launch missiles?
  5. Have you ever experienced war? What are the things you can remember clearly? How did it influence your personal life?
  6. Do you think that your country is well-equipped to defend itself from attack?
  7. Is it ok for one country to attack another country?
  8. Does war ever do any good?
  9. Who benefits from war? How?
  10. Do you know ho to use a gun? Where do people learn to do this in your country?
  11. Would you like to be a soldier and fight in a war to save your country?
  12. Should women be soldiers?
  13. What are some of the damages and consequences of a war?
  14. What can we do to stop wars?
  15. What is cold war? What do you think of cold war?
  16. What is an air force? Is it important? Why?/Why not?
  17. What is a navy? Is it important? Why?/Why not?
  18. Why is peace better than war?
  19. What is a ‘civil war‘? Give some examples.
  20. What is ‘nuclear war‘? Why is it so dangerous?
  21. Which countries have strong armies?
  22. What do you know about World War I and World War II?
  23. Do you think governments should spend more money on armed forces?
  24. How does war affect people’s morality?
  25. Do you think war can be justified?
  26. What are some example of very peaceful countries?
  27. Are modern weapons more destructive than older ones?
  28. Do you think it is easier now for people to live in peace than before?
  29. How long does it take for cities to recover from the devastation caused by war?
  30. What are the effects of war on the environment?
  31. Can war crimes be forgotten?
  32. What do you think about all the innocent people killed by wars?
  33. Have human beings always fought wars? Is it part of our nature?
  34. Do you think there will be a third world war this century?
  35. What should children learn about war at school?
  36. Do you think that young people should do national/military service?
  37. How can the world be peaceful when other countries are not trying to bring peace?
  38. If war could be eliminated entirely, would there still be a use for armies?
  39. What kind of person makes an ideal soldier?
  40. What causes countries to engage in a war?
  41. Have you ever seen a great war movie? What was it called?
  42. Have you ever been to an anti-war protest? What happened there?
  43. Do you believe that one day there will be world peace? How will it come about?


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