Winter — ESL/EFL conversation questions


Discussion questions for a Winter speaking lesson. Вопросы для обсуждения на английском языке на тему зимы и зимних занятий. Ключевая лексика по теме выделена жирным шрифтом.

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Step #1: Describe the pictures:



Step #2: Discuss the questions:

  1. What is winter like in your hometown?
  2. Are you a winter person or a summer person?
  3. What do you like and dislike about winter?
  4. Do you enjoy winter sports? If so, what’s your favourite?
  5. What articles of clothing do people wear to help them stay warm during the winter?
  6. Do you wear thermal clothing?
  7. What is the coldest month in your country? What temperature does it drop to?
  8. What are some other popular winter activities? Which of them do you enjoy doing?
  9. Which do you enjoy more, winter vacation or summer vacation? Why?
  10. Would you prefer to be in a snowstorm or a thunderstorm? Why?
  11. Have you ever been caught in a blizzard? If so, how did you manage? If no, are you scared of this?
  12. Do you prefer to be indoors or outdoors during winter? Why?
  13. Have you ever made a snowman?
  14. Pretend you are a snowman. Write a story about your life.
  15. What is your favourite winter food?
  16. What is your favourite winter beverage?
  17. What is your favourite winter holiday? Why? How do you celebrate this holiday?
  18. Where would you prefer to live, in a place that gets a lot of snow and has very cold winters, or a place that gets no snow and has warmer winters? Why?
  19. What are the animals that hibernate during the winter? Why do they do that?
  20. What do you like to do on a very cold day?
  21. Is your home cold in winter? Do you ever sleep with a hot-water bottle?
  22. How do you get your local weather forecast?
  23. Would you like to travel to Antarctica? Why?/Why not?
  24. Does your home have a fireplace?
  25. Have you ever been so cold that your hands and nose were numb?
  26. What do you usually do to keep warm in the winter?
  27. Have you ever looked at the snowflake carefully?
  28. Have you ever slipped on ice and hurt yourself?
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