Music — ESL/EFL conversation questions


Discussion questions for a Music speaking lesson. Вопросы для обсуждения на английском языке на тему музыки. Ключевая лексика по теме выделена жирным шрифтом.


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  1. What is your favourite music genre?
  2. Is there any kind of music that you can’t stand?
  3. How varied are your musical tastes?
  4. Are the lyrics to a song important? Do you listen to them?
  5. Do you listen more to words or lyrics? How is this different in your native language and in other languages?
  6. What do you think of the music they play in supermarkets and elevators?
  7. Can you play a musical instrument? Or did you play one as a child?
  8. Can you name a hit song from the past year? Do you like the song, or are you sick of hearing it?
  9. Who is your favorite musician, band or singer?
  10. Have you been to any concerts? Talk about the most memorable concert that you have been to.
  11. Does music have the power to change your mood? How does music affect you?
  12. Do you buy physical copies of songs or albums? If not, where do you get your music from? Do you stream it?
  13. What movie has a very memorable soundtrack?
  14. Do you like to watch musicals? What is your favorite musical?
  15. What makes you like a song? The melody, the lyricsor something else?
  16. What’s your favorite music video? Do videos help you enjoy the music more?
  17. Have you ever bought vinyl records?
  18. Do you prefer music in English or in your own language? Why?
  19. What’s the best time and place to listen to music?
  20. Can you name three catchy songs?
  21. What do you think about music festivals?
  22. What do you think of the music your parents listen to?
  23. What do you think about the music that teenagers are listening to today?
  24. How has your music tasted changed over the years?
  25. Do you ever check the lyrics of your favorite songs in a foreign language?
  26. What would life be like without music?
  27. Do you watch music shows on TV? If so, what do you watch?
  28. If you could start a band, what type of music would you play? Why?
  29. Is live music popular in your country?
  30. Have you ever downloaded music illegally? Is it right to do so?
  31. Who is the greatest musician from your country?
  32. In general, would you say modern music is better than classical music?
  33. What musician would you most like to meet? Why?
  34. Do you ever like to listen to loud music? When?
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